The Hawaii Japanese School


Admission Policy

  1. The parents or guardian must be a member of The Hawaii Japanese School.
  2. The child must be of age in the compulsory education system of Japan (1st to 9th grade) or of our 4 and 5 years of age classes, and have scholarly attainment in Japanese language for his or her age. The child must also pass the entrance examination.
  3. Parent or legal guardian must reside in the State of Hawaii. In case a parent or a legal guardian resides on the neighbor island, the child needs to have a guardian residing on Oahu.
  4. Parent/Guardian and the child must abide by the rules of the school and must be cooperative to the management and operation of the school.
  5. The child must be able to attend the school for at least six months of the school year.
  6. The school does not discriminate among applicants on the basis of race, color, national or ethnic origin.

Admission Procedure

  1. Parents/Guardians must submit the application to the school with a birth certificate or a copy of his/her passport and a document that certifies the legal resident status for the child and the parents/guardians (visa or Green Card).  Report to the nearest Japan Overseas Educational Services (Tokyo or Osaka) to receive advice and textbooks before coming to Hawaii.
  2. Upon being qualified with the above admission policy through an interview of parent/guardian's and an entrance examination for the child, the following procedures must be done: 
    1. Submit admissions forms.
    2. Payment of admission fees, Trimester Membership fees, teaching materials fees, Parents’ Organization dues, and membership dues.

Upon completion of the procedures above, admission is approved.
The date of enrollment to school is the first Saturday of April or right after the completion of admission procedures.

To Those Who Reside Overseas for Several Years

  1. Admission policies and procedures are the same.
  2. Student must be able to speak Japanese and have the capability of the Japanese language required to their respective grade level in which the student wishes to enroll.

Admission Forms

  1. Membership Application to the Hawaii Japanese School
    There are two types of memberships:
    1. Company Members; those who are admitted to membership as a company and whose employee or employees have a child or children currently attending Rainbow Gakuen. If a new member belongs to an existing company the applicant needs to submit “Report of Additional Membership”.
    2. Individual Members; those who are admitted to membership as a family unit and who have a child or children currently attending Rainbow Gakuen.
  2. Parents/Guardian’s Consent Form
  3. Emergency Contact and Medical Information
  4. Family Record
  5. General Release, Waiver of Liability and Indemnity Agreement
  6. Authorized people to pick up child (only for Sakura and Momiji Classes)


A State of Hawaii Non-profit Organization under 501(c)(3) based in Honolulu