The Hawaii Japanese School


For The Hawaii Japanese School

  1. Membership Dues: Annually $570.00 per family (April to March).
  2. Due date is by the 3rd Saturday of March of the new school year.
  3. Membership dues must be paid full for the school year even if the enrollment is in the middle of the school year.
  4. Membership dues are nonrefundable.

For Rainbow Gakuen

  1. Registration Fee: $60.00
  2. Admission Fee: $230.00 (One time fee when the admission procedures are completed.)
  3. Teaching Materials Fee: $180.00
  4. Membership fee (Tuition)
Trimester Membership Fee:
Class Annual tuition for face-to-face classes
(Annual tuition for online classes)

Sakura(Morning only)

$696.00 ($624.00)

Sakura(Morning & Afternoon)

$1,068.00 ($960.00)


$1,068.00 ($960.00)


$920.00 ($828.00)


$984.00 ($884.00)

    1. Due Date:
      1. The second week of March, June, September and December.
      2. Automatic withdraw from the bank account.(ACH Debit.)
    2. Refund:
      1. All the fees are nonrefundable; however, if a formal withdrawal form is submitted before the new quarter begins, a refund for quarter membership fee (tuition) can be made from the new quarter.
      2. When a student is removed from the school, the quarter Membership fee (tuition) is pro-rated.
    3. Admission in the middle of the Term:
      1. All the fees should be paid full.
      2. Quarter membership fee can be paid for the term in which the student is admitted.
      3. * Long Term Absence: All payments should be made.
    4. Parents Organization Dues:
      1. Annual Dues per Family $20.00
      2. Policy is the same as the membership dues of the Hawaii Japanese School.
      3. Must add $5 from 2nd child for each child.

Method of Payment

  1. 1. A new student must pay all the above payments to complete the admission procedure. Annual Dues for a company member may be paid later separately because of the company’s business transaction. The school office sends a statement to the company.
    If there is a sufficient account, a fee of $30.00 would be charged for the next ACH debit.
    A delinquency of a payment may result in a refusal of accepting the student to the school.

As of 4/10/2021


A State of Hawaii Non-profit Organization under 501(c)(3) based in Honolulu