The Hawaii Japanese School

Features of the School

  1. The school is privately operated by the Hawaii Japanese School and is held only on Saturdays. The school does not replace compulsory education and it does not confer a diploma for the completion of compulsory education. 
  2. The principles of the management of the school are stated in the Bylaws of the Hawaii Japanese School.
  3. The operation of the school is done by the faculty staff members and is supported by the voluntary work of parents and supporters. The Board of Directors of the Hawaii Japanese School, members of the Executive Committee of Rainbow Gakuen and Hogoshakai (Parents’ Organization) have a very important role in the management of the school. 
  4. The school uses textbooks that are approved by the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology in Japan. Language Arts, Mathematics, and Social Studies are taught. 
  5. The curriculum taught at the school focuses on the preparation of a student's smooth transition into the education system in Japan and to teach Japanese ways of life and culture. 
  6. The school offers several kinds of subjects for the students can select according to the needs of students. 
  7. For early acquisition of Japanese language, the school has preparatory classes for four and five year old children. 
  8. Due to the limitation of school hours; the parents' efforts to encourage students to study at home and to utilize the school library are prerequisite of promoting the effectiveness of the instruction at the school. 
A State of Hawaii Non-profit Organization under 501(c)(3) based in Honolulu