The Hawaii Japanese School

Safety Measures

Basic Concept

Teach the student the value of life and the importance of avoiding or preventing any dangerous situation.Guide the student to keep a safe and orderly life through all school activities

Measures to Prevent an Accident

  1. Repeated reminding of School Policies:
    Basic rules for safety. Unsafe of playing near the road and rushing out to the road.
  2. Confirmation of Attendance, Tardiness and Early Dismissal:
    Confirmation of attendance by class teacher. Guidance of tardy students and those who are absent without any excuse.
  3. Awareness of dangerous areas and dangerous play:
    Receive and review: student’s report on the above matters. Quick perception to avoid any accident and response to handle any accident.
  4. Inform possible problems among teachers:
    Give information and discuss how to handle them at teachers’ meeting.
  5. Supervision of each building by Fubokai parents:
    Teachers take turns supervising with the assistance of parents.
  6. Communication with Parents:
    Guide the parents to educate student at home about safety measures.
  7. Problem of outsiders/intruders:
    Prevention of kidnapping. Prohibit walking the campus alone.
  8. Fire drill:
    Give information about how to act in case of a fire.
  9. Supervision of the students during outside activities (excursions, field trips, etc.):
    The principal and teachers will take every precaution to avoid any emergency and will be aware of how to handle any possible emergency which may occur en route to and during outside activities.
    The Principal and teachers will guide the student to remain safe.

Procedures in Case of an Emergency

  1. Supervising of students:
    Grasp the information correctly and calmly lead them to a safe place.
    1. Class teacher will report to the grade teacher or the teacher in the next room.
    2. Grade teacher or a teacher in the next room immediately report to the principal for instructions.
    3. Nurse notifies student’s parents/guardian and makes arrangement with a hospital by following the Medical Consent Form.
    4. Transport student to a hospital.
    5. Class teacher will submit an accident report to the principal promptly.
    6. Class teacher will submit a report of the student to the principal.
  2. Next room teacher: Report to the grade teacher and control the students well.
  3. Contact with the parent/guardian:
    The principal/teacher will contact the parent/guardian promptly and report any problems.
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