The Hawaii Japanese School

In Case of Emergency

Basic Concept

We have a relatively safe and worry-free life for natural disasters and crimes.  Therefore, we are often not prepared. It is a necessity to establish a system for the school, parents, and outside organizations.

  1. Natural disasters such as heavy rain, storm or tsunami may occur and kidnapping, terrorism or intruder to the school campus may occur. In case special circumstance taken place, we are supposed to receive a notice from the Consulate General of Japan. For more information regarding terrorist attacks, please check these following websites: Oahu Civil Defense Agency ( and the Consulate General of Japan (
  2. Educate students for these emergency situations. Faculty members must communicate well and must take care of any incident as quickly as possible. * When an emergency occurs, students may enter a state of panic. Faculty members must control and calm down the students. * Even if no information is available due to telephone trouble and so on, try to give students a secure and easy feeling.
  3. Using “Emergency Telephone Network” establish good communication between school and parents.
    * Have an alternative plan for “the Emergency Telephone Network” in case one of the parents is not at home.
    * Example of telephone communication is: “This is an emergency call from Rainbow Gakuen. Please pick up your child at 2:45 p.m.”
  4. Using “Emergency Contact” via email to your email address or via voice message to your phone.

Picking Up of Students

  1. Class teacher confirms with parents and hands over the student.
  2. Place to pick up a student is at the parking lot of Kaimuki Middle School.
    In case of rain, at the Library. 
  3. For those with siblings, gather at the place where the youngest one waits.
Diagram: Drop-off and Pick-up

Important Telephone Numbers

Oahu Civil Defense (808) 523-4121
Police, Fire, Ambulance 911
School Office
Tue - Fri (808) 947-3111
Sat (808) 291-1591

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