The Hawaii Japanese School

School Policies

Student Rules

To behave with self-realization and moderation, students must abide by the following rules for school days. Necessary school supplies and Dress Code are as follows:

  1. School Supplies: textbooks, notebooks, and writing utensils. Homework should be completed at home prior to coming to school.
  2. Lunch and Drinks. Juice and milk are prohibited. Buying from a vending machine is not allowed.
  3. Dress: Suitable for study.
  4. Footwear: Slippers and sandals are prohibited to avoid any possible injuries.
  5. Toys such as game machines, large sums of money, valuable items, cosmetics and jewelry are prohibited.
  6. Be careful for using desks and chairs; rearrange and clean the classroom at the end of school day.
  7. Do not enter the classrooms without the teacher present.
  8. Do not touch the teaching materials in the classrooms.

Necessary School Items

  1. Sakura/Momiji
    Pencils, eraser, glue, scissors, crayons, snack (fruits, etc.), school bag, handkerchief, pocket tissues, blanket (for napping).
  2. 1st Graders
    Pencils, eraser, color pencils, paper holder (to put home work/hand-outs), handkerchief, pocket tissues.
  3. All other students may follow the above listing accordingly.
  4. Notebooks: Our school uses the following specific notebooks. They are available at any Japanese bookstore in town. With permission from the teacher, students may use a notebook other than in the list.
    * 1st grade: language = L312R/18mm
    * 2nd grade: language = L312R/18mm
    * 1st/2nd/3rd grade: mathematics = L117/12mm
    * 3rd grade: language = L315R/15mm
    * 4th*5th*6th grade: language = LM17/17, (Kanji Renshu Cho, L3810N, L3812, L3815)
    * 4th grade: mathematics = LS10/5mm
    * 5th grade: mathematics = LY8/8mm square with ruled lines
    * 6th grade: mathematics = LY8/8mm square with ruled lines
  5. Put child’s name on all belongings.
  6. Provide a washcloth at the beginning of School year.

Tardy, Early Dismissal, Absence, Long Absence, and Withdrawal

Repeated absences may result in the student's insufficient understanding of the subjects and may be a detriment to smooth instruction in the classroom. Following are guidelines/policies to proceed to the next grade or to graduate.
  • Attendance more than half of the school day.
  • Three tardy/early dismissal/withdrawal are counted as one absence.
  • In the case of an absence due to attending school in Japan, the missed day will not count as an absence if a certified letter from the Japanese school attended is presented.
  • If you are absent from school over one month, please submit the form to the administration office.
  • If you have to withdraw from school, please submit the form to the administration office.

Administration Office
Phone: (808) 947-3111
Fax: (808) 947-3168

Drop Off/Pick Up of Students

  1. Transportation of children is the parent's responsibility.
  2. Students need to come to school between 8:00 am to 8:30 am. Do not bring the student before 8:00 am for the safety of the student. Students whose classrooms are on the 2nd floor should remain downstairs to wait for the teacher.
  3. Students need to be picked up before 3:15 p.m. for the safety of the student. If a late pick up is unavoidable, the parent/guardian should contact the office beforehand and pick up the child at the office. In case no one comes to pick up the student after 3:15 p.m., the school will keep the student in the office.
  4. No students are allowed to drive to commute between home and school.

Parking for Visitors

  1. Tuesday to Friday
    Visitors may park in the Japanese Culture Center of Hawaii (JCCH) parking lot or use street (metered) parking. * School will not validate.
  2. Saturday
    Visitors can park in the parking lot of the Kaimuki Middle School.

School does NOT set parking areas during the drop off/pick up times.

Please follow our school policy for the safety of the students.

Traffic Control on Campus

  1. Drop off/Pick up student at designated area by the school.
  2. Drive at a safe speed on campus so that you can stop at any moment.
    There were several dangerous incidents where student rushed out from behind cars.
  3. Carpool is encouraged to ease the traffic congestion.
  4. Obey the no parking signs and do not leave the car in the loading zone.
  5. Only right turn is permitted to go out to Kilauea Avenue from the parking lot of Kaimuki Middle School.
  6. Do not park your car in front of the containers, on the lawn area near the library and cafeteria.
  7. No smoking on campus.
  8. Parents/guardians of preschool/kindergarten children need to sign in front of the classroom at the time of pick up.
    They may park their cars in the parking lot at Pohukaina School.

Warning Letter

The Warning Letter is for students who have difficulty in adjusting to school life and have problems in his/her daily life. It is designed to help both parents and teachers to aid the students in adjusting to his/her environment.  However, in the worst case scenario, removal of the student from school may be necessary.

The procedure followed:

  1. Teacher counsels the student.  School sends a warning letter to the parents/guardian.
  2. Teachers meet with parents/guardian emphasizing the cooperation with them.
  3. Based on the report on the student, the principal may give advice for removal of the student from school. 

Refer to the Parents/Guardian Consent Form.

* There are seven items in Warning letter:

  1. Attendance
  2. Tardiness
  3. Study Habits:
    a) motivation /interest/attitude
    b) presentation of homework
    c) results of tests and understanding of the subjects
  4. Behavior and Attitude (Refer to note below)
  5. Reports on the observation and guidance of each subject teacher
  6. Comment by class teacher
  7. Report and comment of Parents/Guardian

Note: Behavioral problems may increase as the student becomes older. The problems for Notice Warning are the following:

  1. Belongings, clothing, eating and drinking exceed the limit of the School Policy and offend the Policy.
  2. Frequent class disturbance and undesirable learning attitude such as chatting/making noise, passing around silly letters, and no textbooks/notebooks
  3. No show to the class, leaving the class without permission while the class is in session or tardiness on purpose.
  4. Dangerous play, playing games which are not suitable for study.
  5. Acts of violence, mental oppression by discrimination, prejudice and bullying to a particular student.
  6. Vandalism to Kaimuki Intermediate School.
  7. Act against moral/law. Disobeying teacher's instructions. 

Teachers use Yellow Cards to warn a student and his/her parent/guardian to report misbehavior of the student in the early stage and to encourage prompt improvement of the student's attitude.  Three Yellow Cards in the same school year may result in a Warning Notice. Items that may warrant the issuing of a Yellow Card are noted under Warning Notice (above).

Home Study

Students should study at home and be ready to participate in class.

Library  Rules


  1. Hand the book to the librarian and tell class name and student’s name.
  2. Receive a card for loan from the librarian who takes it out from the pocket of the book.
  3. The librarian writes the date, class name and student’s name on the library card.
  4. The librarian takes out the individual card from the class card box.
  5. The librarian stamps the date to be returned on the individual card and puts it back into the pocket of the book.

    * 3rd grade and up must do steps 1 to 4 themselves.
    * From 1st to 9th grade students can borrow six books at a time for two weeks.
    * The books have to be returned in two weeks.


  1. Hand the video to the librarian. The librarian writes the name on the notebook.

    * One video at a time for two weeks.
    * To return books/videos put them in the box labeled “Return Box.”
    * Library Hours: 9:00am to 2:00pm, parents can check out from 9:00am to 2:00pm.

Homework/Hand-Outs for Absentees

  1. Parents/guardian or sister/brother of absentee should go to the class to pick up homework.
  2. A friend can pick them up also.
  3. Parents/guardian can ask the class teacher to place it in the teacher’s shelf in the office in the JCCH (Japanese Culture Center of Hawaii) for them to pick up as soon as possible except Mondays.The above are basic rules. However, in an unavoidable case, report card and homework for summer recess can be mailed. Prepare self addressed stamped envelopes.
Tardy, Early Dismissal, Absence, Long Absence, and Withdrawal
Tardy, Early Dismissal, Absence, Long Absence, and Withdrawal
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